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Best Kids International is a school that serves families who want to develop a lifetime love of learning.


International Education in Tokyo Kunitachi
A cozy environment for children with small class sizes

We are located in the heart of Kunitachi with its vibrant dedication to education, nature and community.
We provide a caring and supportive environment that encourages our students to enjoy learning the English language as well as the culture of their mother country.

We nurture our children to excel in the global community.

  • Observe, experiment, ask questions and find answers

    We prepare hands-on activities, so students can learn through play and interaction.

  • Cross-curricular connected by themes

    Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts are integrated to the theme for deeper understanding.

  • Learn to respect and recognize global cultures

    We introduce American and Japanese culture as well as cultures from various countries. The children can experience and appreciate cultural diversity.

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Spring School 2024


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After School Classes


Classes are divided according to age and level. We provide an atmosphere where students appreciate the joy of English communication and culture. Students from kindergarten to collage are welcome.

After School Fees

Best Kids International supports students who would like to be part of the global community.

We advise and support studying abroad. If you are interested in studying in the Philippines or Hawaii, Best Kids International is the right place to start.

Partner educational institution

CEGA is a university affiliated language school operated by a Japanese organization.
Our short and long term programs studying abroad are very popular to both young students and seniors.

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