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Tuition and Fees

One-Time Fees

Registration Fee 10,000yen
Application Fee 120,000yen

Annual Fees

Material Fee 48,000yen
Facility Fee 12,000yen


The annual tuition is a fixed amount. Tuition payments may be paid in three installments or monthly.

Annual tuition fee 720,000yen

Three installments

paymentDeadline for transferTransfer fee
First Payment Due Date (March 31) 240,000yen
Second Payment Due Date (August 31) 240,000yen
Last Payment Due Date (December 31) 240,000yen


Monthly payments 60,000yen

Monthly payments 60,000yen (64,800yen Tax included) must be made by the last day of the previous month. Example: April tuition must be paid by March 31st and May tuition must be paid by April 30.

After School Fees

Entrance Fee (one time) 10,000yen
monthly fee 12,000yen

The After School tuition is based on the yearly tuition. Some months may have more or less days than other months. However, the average days per month will be 3days~4days.

Private lesson

50min 6,000yen

Advance reservation is required when using private lessons.

Bank Transfer

Tama Shinyou Kinko Kunitachi Branch (Brach No. 005) Saving Account No.3926668
Account Name: Best Kids International

Supply list

Please prepare the supplies listed above to be used in class.
Please write your child's name on each and every item.
The school will not be responsible for any lost items.

  • 1. Crayons (12colors)
  • 2. Colored pencils (12colors)
  • 3. Scissors
  • 4. 5Pencils (2B)
  • 5. Eraser
  • 6. 2Glue sticks
  • 7. Indoor shoes (Canvas shoes) ※
  • 8. Bosai Zukin(Japanese protective hood)
  • 9. Spare clothes (Tops,trousers,underwear,socks,etc.)
  • 10. Cup and toothbrush (no toothpaste) ※
  • 11. 2Hand towels for daily use
  • 12. Pocket tissues
  • 13. Water bottle (tea or water)
  • 14. Art T-shirt
  • 15. A4 file case to take home school work
  • 16. School bag ※

※Indoor shoes, please prepare things that do not use strings.
※For toothbrushes / cups, please take safety measures and prepare plastic products.
※Please prepare the bag as a guide to fit the A4 file case.

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