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Physical Skills

Physical Skills

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills through playing, coloring, gluing, painting, cutting and manipulating objects, such as blocks, play dough, puzzles
  • Enjoys and is able to color in the lines nicely
  • Writes letters and words nicely
  • Uses a paintbrush effectively and is able to paint objects, such as trees, houses, etc.
  • Manipulates play dough and makes objects
  • Can use scissors effectively
  • Can use blocks to make imaginary figures
  • Runs in a race, jump from heights, skips rope and climbs
  • Throws and catches a ball, play sports activities, such as dodgeball and soccer

Social Skills

Social Skills

  • Plays and works cooperatively with friends and recognizes roles
  • Shares secrets with friends and loves to whisper
  • Shows respect to others

  • Communicates with friends and teachers with increased vocabulary

  • Develops awareness of good and bad

  • Seeks approval of friends and plays simple card games

  • Recognizes cause and effect

  • Takes care of younger children

  • Enjoys show and tell
  • Develops senses of fairness

  • Shows interest in personal hygiene

Cognitive Skills (Language)

Cognitive Skills (Language)

  • Listens attentively

  • Responds appropriately in group discussions

  • Speaks effectively for a variety of purposes with adults and other students

  • Communicates personal experiences and

  • Identifies right from left

  • Increase in vocabulary and is able to express oneself more effectively

  • Recognizes letters and words in books

  • Understands and acquires new vocabulary and uses it correctly

Language Skills

Reading & Literature

Language Skills

  • Shows interest in books and reading-related activities

  • Phonics awareness

  • Identifies beginning and ending sounds

  • Prints upper and lower case letters of the alphabet

  • Comprehends, interprets and evaluates the story

  • Recognizes and responds to rhythm and rhyme


  • Represents stories through illustrations, dictation, play or words

  • Uses emergent writing skills to make letters in many settings for many purposes

  • Arranges events in order when telling a story

  • Speaks in longer phrases and sentences using increasing vocabulary

  • Writes and spells simple words

Number Sense

Number Sense

  • Listens to and verbally counts the names of numbers in meaningful ways

  • Recognizes and counts up to 50

  • Connects quantities of objects or actions to numbers

  • Uses ordinal numbers (first, second, third) up to twentieth

  • Uses concrete objects to solve simple addition and subtraction problems

  • Sorts, categorizes or describes objects by one or more categories

  • Understands patterns

  • Observes and manipulates concrete examples of whole and half

  • Becomes familiar with coins

  • Identifies several shapes

  • Uses estimation

  • Tells the time up to minutes

  • Counts by 2s and 5s up to 50

  • Recognizes and compares attributes of length, volume, weight, area and time using appropriate language


The children will receive progress reports twice during the school year, the first one in June and the second one in February.
Parent-teacher conferences will be held at the time progress reports are given out.
Parents may contact the school any time by e-mail or phone.
If a conference is wanted with a teacher, please make an appointment.


9:15-9:30 Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning  Good Morning Good Morning
9:30-10:00 Free Play Free Play Free Play  Free Play Free Play
10:00-10:30 Snack/Morning Circle Snack/Morning Circle Snack/Morning Circle   Snack/Morning Circle Snack/Morning Circle
10:30-11:10 Phonics Writing Phonics Phonics Math
11:10-12:00  Science Math Social Studies Math Show and Tell
12:00-13:00 lunch/playtime lunch/playtime lunch/playtime lunch/playtime lunch/playtime
13:00-13:30 Reading Art Math Art Phonics
13:30-14:00 Writing Physical Education Reading Art Physical Education
14:00-14:30 Story-time/Good-bye Story-time/Good-bye Story-time/Good-bye Story-time/Good-bye Story-time/Good-bye
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